phraSED-ML  1.0.1
phraSED-ML: the Paraphrased, Human-Readable Adataption of SED-ML

The phraSED-ML language is a text-based simulation experiment description language designed to form a human-readable and human-writable interface to SED-ML.

Getting phraSED-ML

  • Tellurium - The latest version of phraSED-ML is included with Tellurium, and is integrated in that system with other Python packages including libroadrunner to enable complete model creation and simlation capabilities in a Python environment.
  • Windows Python bindings - These python bindings can be installed on Windows by unzipping the file, then using the command 'python.exe install'.
  • The source code is freely available via SVN.

Using phraSED-ML


  • Report a bug (or request a feature) if you have any issues with phraSED-ML, whether behaviors or inadequacies of the documentation.
  • The forum is available you if want to discuss phraSED-ML specifically.
  • sed-ml-discuss is slightly higher-traffic mailing list (i.e. has more than zero messages) where discussions about phraSED-ML occasionally take place.

phraSED-ML is distributed under the BSD License. It relies on libSBML, which is released under the LGPL. libSBML, in turn, relies on expat, released under the MIT license, gzip, released under the GPL, and bzip, released under the BSD license. phraSED-ML also relies on libSEDML, released under the BSD license and libnuml, released under the LGPL.